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May 20 2010

Five Days With IA

It was during a layover at DFW (on our way home from Acapulco) that I retrieved a voicemail from IA’s Arturo Febry, telling me that I had won the bid to shoot a sizable project they had spent the last 4 years designing.  We had scouted it a few months earlier, and though the space was just beginning to flesh itself out, I could already tell that it was going to provide us with exceptional opportunities for photography.  I was beginning to wonder if I was actually going to get the shoot when I got that message and as the smile broke across my face, I looked up at our inquisitive server and answered, “Why, yes.  I believe I will have another margarita.”

We spent about 5 days making 28 images (plus some variations).  I wanted to make sure I really got the most out of this. so on the third day I sent my client and assistant home early so that I could study the space alone.  The images I made in those few hours, using only my Nikon and the available light are some of our favorites from the series.


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