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chicago architectural photographer, photography, architecture, photographer, interior design, furniture
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Growing up with a strong interest in the arts and literature, I was always intrigued with image-making. Photography seduced me away from painting early in my career. I think it was the gadgets… photographers need lots of gadgets. I was largely self-taught for the first few years until I got a job schlepping gear for some of the most talented architectural photographers in the business. I assisted for about three years before getting behind the camera full-time and have been shooting buildings, interiors and furniture for the better part of the last twenty years.

I find this work extremely satisfying in that approaching architecture allows me to make images that are more refined, focused and thoughtful than I think any other subject matter would allow. When I tell people that I make five or maybe six pictures in a day, their reaction always reflects the same amazement… I love that.

Over the years I have given lectures to classes from universities such as The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Southern Illinois University, University of Wisconsin and Roosevelt University. I am always happy to take the time and enjoy speaking with students of architecture and photography alike.