| What is up with UPS?
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What is up with UPS?

What is up with UPS?

As I understand it, the job of the guy who drives the UPS truck is to deliver your package. Lately, though, it seems as if the drivers have no interest in doing their jobs. Here’s the situation. I have a package coming, so I make sure to be around. I’m chained to my desk all day long, usually doing post-production work or creating invoices or estimates. My office is directly above the front door… so I can hear the drivers footsteps on the front porch. What I don’t hear is a knock at the door. In the time it takes me to run down one flight of stairs the UPS driver, his truck and my package are gone and there is the dreaded tag on my door about the missed attempt. Attempt? What attempt?!! Forgive me for ranting, but I am absolutely livid.

If the UPS driver doesn’t want to do his job, fine. Take his job away from him and give it to someone with some work ethics.

*Note… It’s not just my particular driver. A quick Google search reveals that many other people share my frustrations with this lack of service.

What’s interesting is… on both days that this has happened, I was also expecting packages via FedEx. The FedEx driver comes, he knocks on my door. He gives me my package. Sometimes we even chat about politics for a second. Now, I don’t particulary like chatting about politics… but I DO like receiving my packages.

  • Arash M
    Posted at 00:18h, 12 March

    I pretty much have had the exact same experience with UPS.
    It’s very rare for me to actually receive a package with out some sort of small or normally big issue.
    I don’t understand, as you said, FedEx does it, and so well, why can’t UPS ever get their act together?
    oh well

  • Justin
    Posted at 20:25h, 17 March

    I’ve experienced these issues with both UPS and Fedex here in Calgary, Canada. I have been told to ask for the driver number who would be responsible and then lodge a formal complaint to the head office. It’s a bit of a lengthy process but it could potentially alleviate your particular route’s problems in the future.



  • R Clark
    Posted at 06:59h, 25 April

    UPS is a union shop. Fedex is not. There is the main difference. Both are still WAY better than USPS.