| THE PIT a new short film with Andy Jarosz
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THE PIT a new short film with Andy Jarosz

THE PIT a new short film with Andy Jarosz

My friend and one Mad Finn, Andy Jarosz recently asked me to DP a short film he was writing with Brian Hamilton. The plot involves murder, infidelity and time travel. Count me in! We had a lot of fun on this shoot. It was pretty low key, lot’s of available light mixed with some moody interiors. It was the first time I really got to dig my teeth into my new MōVi stabilizer which I’m pretty damned fond of now. All shot on my Epic and Cooke Mini S4’s (of course).

These are all one lights out of RC-X. RC3 / RG3 with very little manipulation.


A004_C005_0928IK A003_C002_0928MI A007_C011_0929T6

A013_C013_1007CX A002_C003_09277D A002_C007_092752

A002_C012_0927Q1 A002_C014_0927DH A003_C016_0928M6

A005_C005_092805 A009_C007_09307A A011_C023_10023D

A010_C006_0930FA A010_C015_0930OA A010_C018_0930EA

A009_C018_0930NR A007_C021_0929X4


and a goofy BTS TimeLapse…


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