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Still Pictures From Moving Pictures

Still Pictures From Moving Pictures

I’m putting together a proposal for a film shoot in DC and the client asked about the possibility of grabbing stills during the shoot.  Sure, I said, we could just set up the 5d2 or the Arca once we’ve got a motion shot all set up.  Hell, maybe we could even just grab stills from the Red footage.

Still pictures from a motion camera?!!





Here are a few samples of retouched stills from my Red One. Which has JUST enough resolution for print work.  We just might have our Epic-M by the shoot date, too!  Even better!!!


There’s a lot of discussion over at RedUser.Net about what nomenclature to use when describing our profession (as a Photographer/Cinematographer) now that the Red Epic is blurring the lines between deliverables.

One suggested new term was “Motion Photographer”

“MoPho” for short.  I like it.

-Christopher Barrett, MoPho


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