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The Smoothness

The Smoothness

I’m just back from NAB 2013 and there was a lot of excitement at the show!  RED bombarded us with more announcements than I could even begin to wrap my head around.  Phil Holland, who I got to hang with at the RedUser party has a comprehensive summary of their new offerings here.




One of the things I was most anxious to see was originally announced on Vincent LaForet’s blog shortly before the show opened.  LaForet teamed up with RC Copter manufacturer Freefly Systems to put their new hand-held stabilized camera gimbal through its paces.  The still and video below are from his blog, which goes into great detail about the stabilizer (named the MōVi 10).  Luckily for me they’ve built it just beefy enough to manage a stripped down Red Epic.  I put my pre-order in as soon as I woke up wednesday morning and I was already order number 83.  It’s going to be amazing for walkthroughs of architectural spaces, not to mention how great it will make our workflow on narrarative pieces.  I could go on and on about the new rig, but I think it’s best just to watch the BTS Video.



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