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Smith Group DC

Smith Group DC

A couple months back we spent a few days in our nation’s capital making a little film to show off Smith Group’s new offices.  The space provided ample opportunities to capture some great footage and everyone was wonderful to work with.  We brought so much gear with us that our little crew of 3 ended up driving rather than flying there.  What could be more fun than a road trip with 3 cameras, 20 lenses, tripods, jib, slider and a van full of lighting?

Here is the competed film that we produced.

The client asked us to pull a number of stills from the footage to supplement their materials.  I knew the timelapse stills from the 5d2 would be fine and I was excited to see how files from my new Epic would hold up.  I have to say, I’m really pleased with our new Red as a still camera.





Aside from handling the audio for the interview, helping Patsy and I with lighting and taking down like thirty thousand “Exit” signs, Andy Resek also found a few moments to shoot this little behind the scenes video.

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