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Slug’s Eye View

  • Craig Goss
    Posted at 13:20h, 28 March

    Hi Chris – Is that is a ‘French Flag’ shading the lens? I have heard about but never used one. Looks much more compact and flexible than a compendium shade. Do you make your own? If not can you suggest a source? Thanks!

  • chris
    Posted at 13:29h, 28 March

    LoL…. actually pretty low tech… a piece of black mat board and a multi-clamp…

  • Craig Goss
    Posted at 07:02h, 30 March

    Just realized you answered this.

    Seems like a silly question in retrospect but I’m in the process of buying my first tech camera and am occasionally in the dark about details that would be obvious to others. Slug’s Eye View came to mind when I stumbled on a discussion of ‘French Flags’, a term that seems to apply equally (at least in my uninformed mind) to expensive lens shades and to home grown masks. Thanks for ‘enlightening’ me!

    PS. I thought at first this might be what you were using …