| Quick Trip to NYC
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Quick Trip to NYC

    Posted at 12:06h, 21 June

    this is a great image. It makes use of what Rudolf Arnem called, ‘The Power of The Center’.
    The gap is wonderfully framed and seen. The difference between the buildings size balances wonderfully the massive column weights and verticallity. It works and engages a viewer.
    We have seen a lot of this perspective over the years, but this one steps out as says hey–Someone can still engage a public overloaded with images.
    Well done!

  • chris
    Posted at 20:25h, 22 June

    Thanks, Rod. While I do try to continue avenues of work that are solely my own, I have no issues with walking previously trodden paths, and maybe finding some new scenery along the way. I think these up shots are about to start a series.

    180mm arrived and is already mounted for the M2, Muchas Gracias!