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Portland Lens Shootout

Portland Lens Shootout

I just returned from Portland where Tim Whitcomb was hosting a big lens test featuring many of the “more affordable” lens sets.  I brought my Cooke Panchros.  Also on hand were Red Pro Primes, Illumina S35, UniQoptics, Schneider Cine-Xenars, Zeiss Compact Primes and Duclos’ Cine Mod’d Leica Rs.  We had three testing stations, each with a Red Epic, plus my own Epic with Canon mount for the Leica Rs.  Results will be posted to RedUser.Net once the huge pile of footage is sifted through.  Many talented and skilled individuals donated their time to make sure this was all very thorough and comprehensive.  It was a really impressive showing of the Portland cine community.  Head on over to Matthew Duclos’ Blog for some more insight and BTS photos.

photo: Matthew Duclos


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