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Photokina 2010

Photokina 2010

Photokina kicks off tomorrow and there have already been some exciting announcements from manufacturers.  Leaf Imaging (which is now owned by Phase One) has the first new back of the fair which captures an astounding 80 megapixels.  That yields roughly a 35″x25″ print at 300dpi.  I can only assume that Phase One will also be releasing something along those lines.  Personally I’d rather see greater dynamic range than more pixels, but there you have it.

I also received a flyer from Arca Swiss showing two new versions of the Rm3d camera that I’ve so recently fallen in love with.  The Rm2d is smaller and aimed more at travel protography while the Rm3di touts a rotatable focus mount (like the larger Rl3d) which alows you to have swing OR tilt.  Arca has also come up with a new geared tripod head named the D4.

Speaking of D4’s, Profoto has updated their awesome D4 power pack with their Air Sync system, allowing you to control the strobe’s output through the Air Remote software.  You can already do this with the previous design by using a USB cable between the computer and pack (we did this last week with our rentals) but the less cords the merrier!  Additionally, they have announced some new constant light sources with either tungsten or metal halide lamping.

Updates to Alpa’s site have revealed that Schneider’s long awaited Super Digitar 28mm is finally going to be released and I’m sure many architectural shooters are thrilled about that.

I can only imagine what other coolness will be revealed tomorrow when the fair officially opens.


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