| Office In Motion : Gensler Chicago
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Office In Motion : Gensler Chicago

Office In Motion : Gensler Chicago

A number of my clients have been after me for a while to start producing some videos of their projects.  I actually studied filmmaking alongside photography back at SAIC and it’s an interest I’ve neglected for far too long.  After shooting stills of this project last year, I got to thinking that it might also work really well for video.  I thought, if I was going to experiment with putting some moving pictures together then what better place to start than a client’s own office where I could spend enough time to make sure I got the footage I wanted, not have to worry about being too intrusive and already have familiarity with the design.

We spent two days shooting the piece, based loosely around a vague storyboard I had in my head, using my new Canon 5dMk II.  I played with a steadicam rig, turned my Magliner cart into a dolly and adapted my Nikon mount Zeiss lenses for some different optics.  The 85mm f 1.4 was superb and was used for all the tighter shots.  The Arca Cube tripod head is so smooth that it worked nicely for pans, though a real fluid head is going to be essential.  I edited about 36GB of footage down to 4 minutes and 11 seconds of finished product, incorporating a few stills from the previous shoot as well as some timelapse scenes shot with the D3.

Gensler’s Chicago Office from Chris Barrett on Vimeo.

Bigger Version Available HERE.


  • Philippe de Formanoir
    Posted at 01:56h, 11 September

    Hello Christopher.

    This is a very nice reconversion ! How did you make your travelling ?


  • Jim Roof
    Posted at 15:25h, 19 September

    Nice work in this video. I think the pace was good. I have seen other videos that are thematically similar but somehow fail to find the nice balance between lingering too long on a shot and moving so quickly that details cannot be taken in.

    BTW, nice to meet you in Peoria a couple months back. And thanks for helping the whole process along there, and letting me borrow the kids…

  • chris
    Posted at 08:31h, 20 September

    Thanks, Jim. It was good meeting you as well. When you were doing a bit of video on set, I had to smile as I had just begn exploring the 5d2’s abilities.


  • chris
    Posted at 08:32h, 20 September

    Thanks, Philippe. We travel with a folding cart to move the gear around. I actually just sat on that for the long corridor walkthroughs.