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Off The Grid

Off The Grid

When Farr Associates contacted me about photographing this residence on the north side of Chicago, I was very intrigued.  Well known for their focus on sustainable design, the firm told me they had just wrapped up our city’s first fully energy self-sufficient residence.  This, I was going to have to see!  I toured the house with Jonathan Boyer and April Hughes of Farr as they explained the intricacies of energy efficiency as well as the challenges of harvesting energy from the natural environment in an urban setting.   We began to strategize crafting the story of the home and laid out our shotlist.  The annual AIA awards deadline was looming before us and some final elements of landscaping were still going in.  Combine that with my hectic summer schedule and I was almost getting a bit nervous… you know, if I was the type to get nervous.  Everything seemed to just come together at the last minute, and the results?  Well see for yourself…

090502_003 090502_004 090502_006

090502_008 090502_010 (1) 090502_014

090502_015 090502_018 090502_019


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