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Minneapolis V 1.0

Minneapolis V 1.0

Below are some images from recent projects up in Minneapolis.  I’ve made a few trips to Minnesota since the fall and there’s just something about it that I find really enticing.  Perhaps it’s the Midwest’s Austin.  The shoots were a couple days at at a large financial firm and a return trip to an ad agency I’d shot before to pick up some additional shots in the workplace.


090101_001 090101_002 090101_003

090101_007 090101_008 090101_004


And a couple shots from Fallon Advertising… maybe a little messier than I’m used to shooting but it just felt right.  The face on the wall in the second shot is a graphic made up entirely of Post-It Notes!  These guys must have a good time working together…


090102_001 090102_003


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