| I'm so annoyed with Apple.
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I'm so annoyed with Apple.

I'm so annoyed with Apple.

I need a new tower.  Really.  I’ve been retouching on my laptop for the last two years because my old tower is dreadfully slow.  Apple is well over the product cycle on the Mac Pro and Intel has just released their 6 core Gulftown processors.  Where are the new Macs?  Instead we get an overgrown iPhone.  I’m so ready to jump ship.


  • Javier Orive
    Posted at 04:03h, 19 March

    I’ve just read they will come out next tuesday. I’m also waiting for a new laptop, so hope this is true.

    They’ve had enough time

  • chris
    Posted at 06:43h, 19 March

    Apple Insider reports that we’re not going to see them until June. I’m tempted to build a big bad box from Maingear which would also allow me to run V-Ray which is Windows only. I think I’m going to wait though, I can always install Windows on a separate drive and run V-Ray off that. Apple’s new machine better be worth such a long wait!


  • Dave
    Posted at 19:14h, 20 March

    Christopher, not to make things more complicated but Lenovo does make a very powerful laptop called the Thinkpad W700 designed especially for photographers. I think it’ll soon be replaced by the W701. It has a high res, high gamut screen, auto color calibration, wacom digitizer, and you can configure it with 16gb ram, ssd, quad core processors, etc. You can even get a dual screen version. Maxxed out it has a similar price to a top-line Apple laptop.