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Helios Sun Calculator

Helios Sun Calculator

If you are a photographer or cinematographer,  you NEED this software by Chemical Wedding. Simply awesome!  Using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in GPS (or database of locations) the app can give you the position of the sun anywhere in the world at any time with a corresponding image depicting shadow lengths for the given solar positions.

Did I say awesome yet?


  • Scott Hargis
    Posted at 08:53h, 09 May

    I looked at this, and Ephemeris, but I think SunSeeker actually gives me much more useful information, especially when I’m at a potential location. I’ve never been able to really translate the “shadow length” graph into anything practicable, but sunseeker superimposes the position of the sun at a given time of day over a real-time image of the landscape as I hold my phone (or iPad) up against the sky. Easy to see EXACTLY when the sun will drop behind a building, or appear above the trees, etc.

  • chris
    Posted at 19:20h, 16 May

    Thanks Scott, I’ll definitely check out Sunseeker too!