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VSA by Brininstool + Lynch

VSA by Brininstool + Lynch


We’ve finally had a chance to return to the offices of VSA, a Brininstool + Lynch project to do some additional images now that the space is occupied.  I frequently shoot interiors with and without people, but being able to handle this assignment in both fashions has taught me a lot about the process.  It was no surprise to me that I loved the fully refined images from the pre-move-in shoot.  I find them to be clean, uncluttered and lit in a way that renders spatial relations just not possible with an occupied space.

When we returned, though, I found it really stimulating to allow myself to interact more spontaneously with the staff as well as the architecture.  We lit much less, I composed the shots around the people, allowing the design to serve as context with an approach that strove to show how the architecture enabled collaboration, communication and creativity rather than standing in the way of them.

I’m really happy with both approaches to the project, and while I find them distinctly different, I believe that they both have immense value for the client.

VSA_002 VSA_003 VSA_004

VSA_005 VSA_006 VSA_007

VSA_008 VSA_009 VSA_010


  • Ihor Pona
    Posted at 21:26h, 16 November

    Nice to have found your website -I can now delete all those other wannabes :)

    I have been an interior designer for over 35 years and am resurrecting my photo skills and have found a new found vocation! Your comments are spot on, and your most recent approach to including human beings in situ – what a concept – is what I have been wishing for, for years.

    I also teach now and it me many years to figure out that we (designers/architects) are servants in the most noble sense and that what we do is not about us, its about enhancing the human condition – where we eat, love, work, commune, as well as expire.

    I would support your championing the art of post occupancy evaluation thru photography – illustrating the complementary environment of people and their envelope.

    Keep up the good and classic, timeless work – I think you are ready for the inclusion of the 4 th dimension in your work: people+envelop+time..


  • Bob S
    Posted at 19:46h, 28 November

    Nice work Chris. It’s great to see you morphing. Nice to out from under the “way” isn’t it. Lets you spread your wings.

  • chris
    Posted at 11:56h, 29 November

    Thanks, Bob. I keep getting comments that my work is changing, improving. I think that’s the best one can hope for.