| Book Suggestion: Shooting Space
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Book Suggestion: Shooting Space

Book Suggestion: Shooting Space

I ordered the book, Shooting Space, from Phaidon a month or so ago.  The images within aren’t what you would find on an architect’s website or in any trade magazine but are tangential explorations of the genre.  This is something I continually find myself straddling in my own work (as shown in my previous posts).

The book includes a number of photographic series by artists such as Hélène Binet, Iwan Baan, Richard Wentworth, Thomas Struth, Annie Leibovitz, and Walter Niedermayr, though my favorite works were by Belgian Filip Dujardin.  The collection also includes thoughtful essays by Elias Redstone, Pedro Gadanho, and Kate Bush.  Not THAT Kate Bush.

Excerpts from Phaidon’s site:

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