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One Point Perspective

a day in the life of...

We did just a few shots at this little project by TVS Design.  Though they didn’t have a lot of square footage to work with, I thought the geometry of the interiors was really well designed.  This week were in the middle of shooting another (much larger) project with Ingrid Christensen from TVS and we’re getting some great stuff!


We shot this project for HED back in 2013 and I just realized  I’ve never shared it here.  I’ve worked with the firm, and in particular with the wife and husband team of Leonora Georgeoglou / Enrique Suarez for many years.  They’re such a great duo and the company has always produced thoughtful and interesting work.


We recently shot this elegant law firm in Chicago for Gensler. It features a two story mosaic mural of the White City Amusement Park.  Aside from being very beautiful, the mural draws attention away from the interior stairway and focuses it on the Miesian simplicity of the space’s architecture.

The design of the office embraces natural light, which made it easy for us to capture an abundance of images over our two-day shoot.


I’m really excited about the re-launch of the website! I worked very closely with Thesis, Inc. to get this thing off the ground and the designers and coders over there did a wonderful job!  With the update, I’ve also revamped all the portfolios.  None of the material here has been any older than 2009 (when I departed HB), but still, things were beginning to feel a bit dated.  I think it’s critical to continue evolving your vision and so the ‘work’ section now carries not just the new still and motion work we’ve been doing but also my recent personal fine art endeavors.  Make yourself at home, have a look around, it’s all new…


This is something I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time.  We spent most of a week capturing stills and motion of this house for long-time client Brininstool + Lynch.  The home is sleek and modern with the exquisite detailing that I’ve come to expect from B+L.  At the same time, though, it’s very earthy.  I feel like the design has achieved a beautiful balance between modernism and comfort.  After four days of shooting, I felt right at home… as evidenced below.

The project also netted us a couple magazine covers :)

Below is a compilation of our footage, not really edited but just spliced up for convenience.  I know there’s got to be a film in here somewhere!

Whitney Architects called on us last year to photograph this story of a great corporate campus renovation.  The firm was tasked with updating the 25 year old 525k Sq-Ft facility while incorporating much of the client’s various branding within the palette.  The workplace is entirely open office and there are eight test kitchens on site.  I think the designers did a great job here and we had a lot of fun playing with the various spaces over a couple weekends.


Here is another series of images I’ve been developing lately as a personal exploration.  It’s all shot on Rollei 25 black and white film.  I began with the Rm3d and a roll film back but have moved to a Hasselblad 501cm.  The ‘Blad allows me to work much faster and handheld (even with the slow film).  This new film stock from Rollei is beautiful in that it’s grain is so fine that enlargements have less visible grain than Tri-X in 4×5.