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May 25 2011




May 24 2011

The Air Up There

My view from seat 3A.  Somewhere between Denver and Los Angeles.


May 21 2011

In Studio at Herman Miller

While doing some motion work with new chairs this week… Selina from Ford waits for cue as Jan cracks Patsy up…



May 15 2011

That's a WRAP!

We’ve just finished production on our new little movie!  Here are a few stills to give you an idea of what things are looking like.

Shooting this was just thrilling.  Working with such a dedicated and committed cast and crew was so satisfying.  Filmmaking is a highly collaborative effort and every individual role is critical to success.

I’ve got a little more shooting to do and then am off to Red Studios Hollywood for some Production and Post-Production workshops… the excitement continues!


May 11 2011

Last Day of Production

We’re heading into Day 3 of production on And I Will Rise… It’s been an exhaustively exhilarating escapade.

Photo: Jennifer Reeder

One of my favorite shots of Katherine so far…  I’m shooting the Cookes wide open (T/2.8) on the whole thing and they’re just gorgeous.

We’re all running on very little sleep, the Twizzler crash is coming and it’s gonna come hard!


May 7 2011

Helios Sun Calculator

If you are a photographer or cinematographer,  you NEED this software by Chemical Wedding. Simply awesome!  Using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in GPS (or database of locations) the app can give you the position of the sun anywhere in the world at any time with a corresponding image depicting shadow lengths for the given solar positions.

Did I say awesome yet?