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June 28 2010

Most Recently

Things have been crazy busy lately.  We just finished up a few great projects for Gensler, are in Michigan on a couple furniture shoots and next week are heading down to southern Illinois for some more Architecture.

After wrapping one of our sets today, I caught sight of this view out of our location the Grand Rapids Art Museum and grabbed a quick snap with the DSLR.


June 15 2010

Quick Trip to NYC


June 1 2010

Lights And Form

I haven’t seen a ceiling this cool since Herman Miller unleashed Ron Krueck on their Chicago showroom.  This bit of overhead sculpture was born on the drawing boards of Gensler’s Chicago office and undulates in soothing gradation as it expands above you.  The ripples become gentler towards the edges  like waves subsiding and yielding to the calm.  We’re about to begin day two of the shoot.  As usual, finished photos to follow later on…