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May 18 2009

This Week In Washington

We’ve got the day off in DC today before we continue the week’s photography by driving to Durham, NC tomorrow. I’m spending the day in my room, working on the files from last week. Following the “All work and no play…” adage, I had to take a moment to grab this shot in my hotel room at the St. Gregory…


May 15 2009

You Want Me To What?

We were just shooting this house up in Ravenswood for Farr Architects.  One of the more interesting aspects of the project is the fact that it can completely sustain it’s own electrical needs, largely through the use of solar panels.  The contractor managed to get us a lift so that we could get up high enough to show the panels…


Keith from GGC asked if I was afraid of heights.  I used to be, but then I became an architectural photographer.  Some things you just have to get over…

More to come when I have the shots all finished.