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… and We're Walking

… and We're Walking

Given the choice between cleaning the basement and walking around your neighborhood with a camera, which would you choose?  Mmmhmm, I thought so.  Me too.  It’s been quite a while since I left off with my personal series “Housing Berwyn.”  In fact, I was still shooting film at the time… Efke 25 processed in Pyro.  The fine weather we’re having in the midwest today prompted me to step out the front door with my Phase 1 645, P65+ and 45mm lens.  I think the digital handles b+w pretty nicely.  These are rough edits and could be pushed much further in C1 and P’shop to gain tonality, but they’re already looking good.

CF001101 CF001103 CF001109

CF001108 CF001106 CF001105

CF001113 CF001116


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