| 64 Bit P'Shop Coming to Appletown
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64 Bit P'Shop Coming to Appletown

64 Bit P'Shop Coming to Appletown

The folks over at AppleInsider have a great article on the just announced Adobe Creative Suite 5.  This brings what I have long been waiting for, a 64 bit Photoshop on the Mac platform!  Windows users have had the advantage of a 64 bit app since CS4 was released in 2008 while us Mac users have been trudging along wishing we could take advantage of all our memory.  32 bit applications only allow themselves to use about 3GB of RAM for intensive tasks.  This can cripple workflow when your layered Tifs hover above the 3GB size as mine sometimes do.  64 bit apps finally break through the bottle neck and let us throw piles of memory at the monster files one can produce with a 60mp digital back.  This means working with big files is going to be less dependent on scratch disks and whaddaya know?  It’s just in time for a new Mac Pro to come along that you can stuff full of RAM.  Yep, New Mac Pros…. Apple?  Apple?!!!


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