| 2013 July
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July 2013

We’ve recently wrapped production on a new short film with Aemilia Scott, titled For a Good Time.  Aemilia wrote and directed last year’s Best If Used By, which I also shot.  BIUB has been tearing up the festival circuit since its release, most recently screening at the Madrid International Film Festival where I received a nomination for Best Cinematography.  The new short was shot almost entirely with available light and I found it really interesting to have so little control over the lighting.  We did somehow manage to stage almost every exterior scene with gorgeous back lit sunshine.  I chose to leave my Cookes at home on this project and utilized all stills glass.  On the wide masters I used my Canon 17 & 24mm Tilt/Shifts and for the remainder we worked with Leica R series Primes and Zooms.  Though the mechanics of the stills lenses were not as nice as cine lenses, I think the look speaks for itself.


A006_C001_0710EX A040_C001_01035Q A033_C005_0102XE

A039_C002_0103MH A016_C001_0101PC A012_C006_0711XP

A024_C004_0101MP A034_C005_01032C A012_C010_07115V

A022_C006_0101DX A032_C004_0102NQ A010_C004_0711S9