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March 2013

This is a bit of shooting we did with Herman Miller just before it got cold enough to start snowing.  The idea was to create Home Office spaces using some really great locations in Michigan.  The art director wanted everything to feel bright and airy (but with contrast).  We also wanted to maintain all of the color in our products and props.  Of course it was completely overcast for almost the entire shoot.  THIS is why we drag tons of lighting everywhere we go.  In any of the shots where you see nice sunlight coming in through the windows, thats all us.  Yes, we are totally in love with our HMI’s.


121003_002 121003_003 121003_004

121003_005 121003_006 121003_007_RET_lr



Last fall I attended a Phase One PODAS workshop in Arizona.  I’ve never photographed landscapes before and I thought this might be a nice way to explore the genre, recharge my batteries and just have a bit of fun.  Phase One puts on maybe a half dozen of these workshops a year and they take place all around the world.  Check them out here.  Here are some of my favorites from the workshop.  These were all shot on my Arca Rm3d with an IQ160 digital back.  I also have a ton of stuff I shot on the Leica and will have to post some of those too!