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August 2012

Back in June, our crew descended on Shreveport, Louisiana to film our latest short film and entry for the Louisiana Film Prize.  A Man of Limited Emotional Means, or AMoLEM as we’ve been calling it, is based closely upon my own childhood.  It is the story of a boy coming to grips with his parent’s divorce and trying to understand, through the years, how his relationship with his father impacted his life.  We had an incredible cast and crew of about 20 folks who hailed from Chicago, Los Angeles and Louisiana.  Principal photography took place over 4 days in which I don’t think I ever got more than 4 hours of continuous sleep.  Oddly, I never seemed to feel low on energy.  It’s amazing how motivated you can be by working on something you are really passionate about.

Both first timers in their roles, Alejandra Valera directed and our own Vincent Emilio played the young CB.

Cameras were RED Epics, naturally.  Big thanks to my buddy Andrew Benz for loaning me his gear.  Lenses were my Cooke Panchro/i’s with a few scenes on my new Leica-R Summiluxes.  I decided to filter both cameras with 1/4 Black ProMist to soften the image just a hair.  The filters helped retain a very organic esthetic I’d had in mind from the beginning that built upon the already dreamy Cooke feel.

We’ve just recently heard that the film was selected as a finalist in the Louisiana Film Prize and we’re very excited to head back down to Shreveport for the festival this October.  We’ve also entered it in the Chicago International Film Festival and are looking into every other festival we can possibly submit to.

Below is a little teaser I put together…

And a bunch of production stills from the original footage…






And, just for fun, a ton of behind-the-scenes grabs…