| 2012 April
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April 2012

Our roster of freelance assistants seems to be dwindling. If you’re into, you know, what I’m into, send us a message. We pay well, we’re cool to work with and you just might learn something.


We’re heavily into the pre-production phase of our next short film (as titled above). This will be shot entirely on location in Shreveport, Louisiana this June. The story is set in the late Seventies, which poses a number of challenges. Anyone got a ’75 Monte Carlo I can borrow? The plot follows a nine year old boy who is grappling with the conflict between his adoration of his father and the slow realization of who that man actually is.

My original idea is being developed into a screenplay by Ivor Irwin and the film will be directed by Alejandra Valera with your’s truly as the director of photography (naturally).

Check out our FaceBook page for more details!