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February 2012

I’m extremely excited to announce that the first short film I’ve DP’d, And I WIll Rise if Only To Hold You Down…will be premiering at the Ann Arbor Film Festival on March 31st.

This is a really lovely script, written and directed by our friend Jennifer Reeder. We’re all planning to head up there that weekend and I can’t wait to see our footage projected on the big screen! If you’re in the area, come celebrate with us in support of the Festival’s 50th running!


We’re shooting on the 28th floor of 200 South Wacker this weekend. Earlier tonight we were all ready to go on a shot and just waiting for dusk to drop. While we were getting ready, I happened to notice that the sun was doing some exquisite things to the southern skyline. I had brought my Epic along just for fun and decided to grab it, throw on the Canon 24mm TS-E II and grab the view out the window.

Ahhh, that’s good fun!