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May 2011

We’ve just finished production on our new little movie!  Here are a few stills to give you an idea of what things are looking like.

Shooting this was just thrilling.  Working with such a dedicated and committed cast and crew was so satisfying.  Filmmaking is a highly collaborative effort and every individual role is critical to success.

I’ve got a little more shooting to do and then am off to Red Studios Hollywood for some Production and Post-Production workshops… the excitement continues!


We’re heading into Day 3 of production on And I Will Rise… It’s been an exhaustively exhilarating escapade.

Photo: Jennifer Reeder

One of my favorite shots of Katherine so far…  I’m shooting the Cookes wide open (T/2.8) on the whole thing and they’re just gorgeous.

We’re all running on very little sleep, the Twizzler crash is coming and it’s gonna come hard!


If you are a photographer or cinematographer,  you NEED this software by Chemical Wedding. Simply awesome!  Using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in GPS (or database of locations) the app can give you the position of the sun anywhere in the world at any time with a corresponding image depicting shadow lengths for the given solar positions.

Did I say awesome yet?