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April 2011

We’re currently in Pre-Production on And I Will Rise If Only to Hold You Down… our first narrative short in collaboration with writer/director Jennifer Reeder.  Jennifer has written some amazing, award winning pieces such as Accidents at Home and How They Happen, Seven Songs About Thunder & Tears Cannot Restore Her : Therefore, I Weep.  Also working on the production are Alejandra Valera (Art Director), Steven Hudosh (Line Producer), Mike Olenick (Editor), Patsy McEnroe (Key Grip) and several generous volunteers.

We completed auditions at the casting shoot a couple weeks ago and are fortunate to be working with some really talented actors…

Katherine Crockett as Katherine

Clint Smith as Matthew

Kasey Busiel as Nova

Grace Etzkorn as Candice

Shooting will begin on May 9th and of course we’ll be utilizing the Red One as well as our recently acquired set of Cooke Panchro/i prime lenses.  Initial tests with the Panchro’s have been most impressive and I feel that the “Cooke look” combined with the subtle nuances of  the Red’s MX sensor are going to give us gorgeous footage.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates, behind the scenes images and eventual release dates.


Things can get a little complicated on our sets most of the time and we’re happy to be using Profoto’s Studio Air software to remotely control all functions of our D1 Heads as well as the D4 packs we rent from time  to time.  When you’ve got a light perfectly placed 12 feet in the air, being able to dial it down a few tenths of an f/stop from your laptop is a Godsend.


UPDATE:  For some reason, Profoto has discontinued this software and replaced it with something that is practically useless.  I don’t get what they’re thinking.