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November 2010

Folks over at RedUser.Net have been frothing at the bit lately over some pretty exciting posts from Jim Jannard, the founder of the Red Digital Cinema Company. Fans of the Red One, myself among them, are eagerly awaiting the much hyped Epic, which is to sport 5k resolution in an amazingly small package. The camera is being built as a DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera) with a body style much like the current medium format cameras and 14megapixel resolution. That’s not a whole lot of pixels when you’re accustomed to 60megapixels, but the Epic will be shooting that at up to 60 frames per second AND with built in HDRx technology that promises 18 stops of dynamic range. All things considered, it’s enough to get me thinking about putting my digital back up for sale.

And if all that wasn’t exciting enough, how about this: The Epic is going to be used by Peter Jackson to film The Hobbit.  Despite the fact that Mr. Jackson could have his pick of any camera in the world to work with, I bet he’s as giddy as the rest of us to get his hands on the Epic.

Lifted from RedUser.Net


Another recent project with Brad Lynch of Brininstool + Lynch.  If you don’t know about 37 signals already go to their site and read what they’re all about.  They’re this small software company based in Chicago who believe in simplicity, setting attainable meaningful goals while challenging de facto business practices and just happen to have millions of customers worldwide.  Of course the space is B+L Cool as expected.  Some photographs and a bit of the video (work in progress) below.