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January 2010

As I look back upon the year we’ve just emerged from, I consider myself very fortunate.  It was the first complete fiscal year for CB Photo and despite starting a new business in the worst economy of my life, things actually went quite well.  I can’t express enough gratitude to all the architects, designers and editors who entrusted me with their visions.  I don’t approach any project lightly and the fact that what is only one or two days of work for me often represents months —  or years — of work for my clients is always in my mind.  Though I strive to make my shoots relaxed and enjoyable, I think my clients understand that I take my work very seriously.

It’s not often that I take on new clients, the majority of my work being the result of collaborations that have spanned 5 to 15 years, but I was always excited to get phone calls and e-mails from people I’d either never worked with or hadn’t in years.  Between the new clients that came my way and my long established relationships, we did somewhere around fifty shoots last year which is a really nice level of busyness, allowing me plenty of time to spend on post-production to get my images exactly as I wanted them.  I haven’t made any images in the last year that I wouldn’t be proud to post on this blog and that makes for a very happy photographer.

In closing out 2009, I also wanted to update the portfolio a bit and have just swapped out about half of the Architectural work with a lot of new stuff as well as some older favorites.  Go have a look, go ahead….

– Christopher Barrett