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September 2009

A couple weekends ago the family, and pretty much all of Berwyn, Illinois filed down several blocks of Ogden Avenue, which lies upon the original Route 66 for the annual Route 66 Vintage Car Show.  Now, I tend to have a greater fondness for old motorcycles than cars, but there were some really amazing machines there, ranging from a 1919 Model T to the latest Lotus Esprit and with owners who either meticulously restored their gems or modified them with the greatest of… uh… “creativity.”  It’s quite an event for Berwyn and can be enjoyed by all ages regardless of your automotive tastes.  What could beat strolling down a broad avenue on a beautiful weekend with funnel cake in hand?  I’m just sad that we missed local sensation, The Hamburglars!

CarShow_001 CarShow_006 CarShow_002

CarShow_004 CarShow_003 CarShow_005

-Robble Robble

Back in April, when Herman Miller asked me to photograph their new chair, I was thrilled to say the least.  They have been at the cutting edge of furniture design since the early twenties and when they unveil a new product the design world is always abuzz.  Enter Setu.  The new chair, designed by Studio 7.5 of Berlin is lightweight, with many ecological concerns designed into the manufacturing process and is quite pleasing on the eyes.  While many can’t help but compare Setu to the Aluminum Group designed by Eames in the 50’s, the way that the new chair embraces contemporary materials and it’s minimal design set it apart.  I’ve yet to see a piece of furniture that accomplishes so much using so little material… chairs that are comfortable and supportive, while weighing less than my laptop bag.  If only my bag were so easy on my back!


090401_040 090401_059 090401_065

090401_057 090401_055 090401_013


Over our recent holiday weekend the family jumped on a plane to New York for a little getaway.  It seems other families had the same idea, I have never seen Times Square so packed with people!  Even our attempt to visit the ICP was thwarted by a huge Brazilian Day festival that filled the Avenue of the Americas with sites that may have surpassed the museum’s Avedon Exhibit.  Later that afternoon we got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to have dinner with friends over the water.  We’ve always loved visiting Manhattan and the trip was enough to make us consider renting a place there and opening up a satellite studio to better serve the New York market.  Hmm…