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August 2009

We’re about a third of the way through photographing the offices of VSA Partners, a prominent Chicago design firm, for Brininstool + Lynch.  The shots are pre-move in, but we needed to get some things done for recent awards submissions.  We’ll be going back to document more of the interactivity within the environment, capturing the more conceptual aspects of how the space functions for the creatives who put it through its daily paces.  For now though, the beauty shots…

090601_002 090601_004 090601_005

090601_007 090601_006 090601_008


My interests in the visual arts have never been restricted to photography, and I’ve always enjoyed exploring more tactile mediums, doing work that involved layering, collage, painting and transfers.  I suppose it’s the result of my deep love for the urban patina.  The natural texturing of our environment that comes from our accidental handiwork, combined with neglect and natural erosion.  If I’m not making any sense then perhaps these will…

CB Art 1147

CB Art 1174