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June 2009

Well, if you have to return from your tropical escape, it’s at least nice to have new gadgets waiting for you.

This arrived at CB Photo today…


I’m practically giddy to break this 60 megapixel  monster in on this week’s shoot with UrbanWorks.  The P65+ represents the cutting edge in digital capture technology with greater file size, broader dynamic range, a larger chip and better high ISO performance than the P45 I’ve been working with for the last 3 years.  It’s easily more resolution than I need, especially with many of my contemporaries shooting DSLR, but anything less than the best you can possibly deliver is, well… less.


It’s 9:43 pm in Berwyn, Illinois.  In about 5 hours I’ll be waking up to head to O’Hare with the family.  Destination : St. Maarten.  7 days of beautiful sites to unloose the Nikon upon while daydreaming of Rum and Pineapple juice at the end of each adventure.

Catch y’all later!


I am so going SCUBA diving!

Last month Patsy and I were off in DC for a week of work with my buddy Evanthia from Gensler.  She had three projects for us, taking us down to Durham, NC for this one below that I think we did quite nicely with, tyvm!

090505_001p 090505_002p 090505_003p

090505_006p 090505_008p 090505_009p

090505_010p 090505_012p 090505_014p


Few people besides myself would consider the Nikon D3 a “small” camera.  After shooting with a view camera for 20 years, though, I think of mine as a peashooter.  I’m currently awaiting delivery of a Phase 645 and P65+, so in the meantime I placated my impatience by picking up this great Nikon and pairing it with  a Zeiss 35mm F mount.  Though the D3 is a mere 12.5 mp (like most of the other Nikons) its shooting speed and high ISO performance are outstanding.  Files at 1600 are flawless and 3200, even 6400 are usable considering Capture 1 Pro’s considerable noise reduction capabilities.


Some recent images… One thing that has been really wonderful about the Nikon is the ease with which I can make great looking photographs and I find myself “playing” much more than I have in a while.  The quality of image that the Zeiss glass yields has awakened something in me that is totally invigorating…

090101_DSLR_Gensler_Deloitte_029 090101_DSLR_Gensler_Deloitte_028 090101_DSLR_Gensler_Deloitte_031

090101_DSLR_Gensler_Deloitte_015 _DSC0334 _DSC0294

_DSC0318 _DSC0327 _DSC0296


My greatly anticipated new website is finally live!  After a couple revisions, many portfolio edits, a few lunch meetings and much deliberation, it’s all come together!  Much thanks to Naz who is solely responsible for the design and coding.  I wanted something that would showcase the work well but also use texture and layering to convey the sense of hand-crafting that I like to put into every photograph.  And so you have it!