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April 2009

We recently had some great weather here in Chicago, which afforded us the opportunity to return to this UrbanWorks project to grab some exterior Views.  Some elements weren’t quite ready yet, but we were able to shoot a couple vignettes and this dusk shot that we were all quite taken with…

0904030_001 0904030_003 0904030_004


We recently got to spend a little time with the guys from VOA photographing their work at the Hotel Sax here in Chicago.  The hotel sits on the same property as Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City.

The interiors we worked on were a complete redo of the conferencing facilities that the hotel was looking to give a more edgy, international feel to.

I think the designers were pretty successful at meeting their client’s request…

090304_001 090304_002 090304_010


I’ve just been wondering whether my next camera would be the Arca Swiss F-Metric or the M-Line.  The M-Line is fully geared, rock solid and beautifully crafted… the downside is it’s nearly 7lbs of weight.  Those clever Swiss folks (in France) have come up with the perfect solution (just for me?)… enter the new M-Line Two.  Arca removed the shift and rise movements from the front standard to reduce the overall weight to a svelte 4.4 lbs.  And really, with 70mm of movement (more than the size of a P45+sensor) on the rear standard, who needs all those gears up front?  I would of put my order in today had I not just bought 3 new Rodenstock’s… dag