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February 2009

Listening to Postal Service on Pandora. Retouching the most recent work. Preparing for a week out of town. The boy likes his pbj’s cut into shapes of dinosaurs.

“In due time, we’ll finally see there’s barely time for us to breathe…”


Below are some images from recent projects up in Minneapolis.  I’ve made a few trips to Minnesota since the fall and there’s just something about it that I find really enticing.  Perhaps it’s the Midwest’s Austin.  The shoots were a couple days at at a large financial firm and a return trip to an ad agency I’d shot before to pick up some additional shots in the workplace.


090101_001 090101_002 090101_003

090101_007 090101_008 090101_004


And a couple shots from Fallon Advertising… maybe a little messier than I’m used to shooting but it just felt right.  The face on the wall in the second shot is a graphic made up entirely of Post-It Notes!  These guys must have a good time working together…


090102_001 090102_003